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Design Fee

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Please use this item after reaching out to inquire about the estimated design fee required for your custom vinyl graphics, or if one of our team members directs you to. 

We have created many designs that are ready for you to choose from, but sometimes you may want something that is not readily available, and this could incur an additional fee, because time is money, right? All custom designs require that you review the design prior to processing the order, and you get 2 revisions to the file included. 

If it is something simple, that doesn't take us long, then we will try to do it at no extra cost; so, please reach out before you make your decision.

Design time will only be charged once per image, topo map, or design. So, if you order multiple items with this design, you don't have to use the same design, or map, for another vinyl product. 

Each design hour is $45. Here is an average of time for some designs, some conditions may change these times

- Medium change to exsiting design = 1 hr

- New location for Topo map (Non-textured version) = 1 hr, 3 business days turnaround

New location for Topo map (Textured version) = 2 hrs, 5 business days turnaround