Color Chart

We posted the commonly used vinyl colors on the item pages, but you have the freedom to choose from the vast choices below. The site doesn't allows us to post al of these colors as a choice on each item, nor would it be pleasing to the customer to see every single color available when you click on a drop-down menu; but you have more options to customize your order how you see fit, without an additional charge. 

If there is a specific color you would like to use on your order, and you don't see it available on the site, please reach out to us and we will be sure to update you on the availability and options for it. You can save the image, in order to zoom in view the colors. 

Due to the inconsistency of screen resolutions, brightness, and qualities, we are not able to guarantee that the printed vinyl will reflect the displayed color below; but rest assure that we would choose the color code selected from the patina itself.