Thank you for visiting the page! We are a vinyl design, supplier and install shop business based out of Jacksonville, Florida; Veteran owned and operated who own Jeeps and noticed the need for quality vinyl at an affordable price. Started this business after serving for 13 years in the US Navy, as a Submarine Electronic Technician, moving from Connecticut, San Diego, Hawaii, Pensacola and Jacksonville, and enjoying the car scene in all these wonderful places; always wanted to find a way to make my passion for vehicle a business and found a value in providing the best quality vinyl products to our community.


We use different types of vinyl, based on availability due to the market conditions, but we always use wrap quality cast vinyl like 3M ICJV180CV3, Avery Dennison MPI 1105, Orafol 5600RA, or other premium wrap vinyls for our product, unless other material is requested by the customer; we use these well-known brands and the model of vinyl due to its outstanding durability, excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt spray performance that allows it to have a 6 year lifespan, on almost all its colors.


We do not use the thin Oracal 651, or any other cheap calendared vinyl that you will find in most Etsy shops, this model of vinyl is fine for home crafts, but not the the best for vehicle applications; after testing different brands of vinyl on vehicle applications, we have determined that our chosen vinyl works best for our needs, it intended to be used on vehicles and give us the peace of mind to know that you are getting a quality product that we can stand behind.