Bronco Front Side Fender, Textured Topographic Vinyl

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  • Clear textured Topo map of Bronco Knoll, in Johnson Valley, where the famous King of the Hammers event happens every year. We have also added the Easter Egg coordinates, in appreciation of the heritage behind this location

  • Border color can be changed to your choice, or custom color (Contact us for more color choices)

  • Textured effect is created by a selectively-made layer of clear ink, for a raised effect!
  • Full color print, one single layer of premium vinyl to install. Avery Dennison wrap vinyl media will be used for this item. Definitely not the common and cheap calendared vinyl decals!
  • Reflective vinyl media available! We use premium Oralite 5600RA vinyl
  • Orders normally ship in 2-3 business days

Part of our new line of printed vinyl. This multicolor design is printed in one layer, for easy installation due to its air release vinyl feature. Textured feel is created by selectively applying a layer of clear ink, creating a raised feeling to the vinyl.

This item is made on a premium Avery Dennison SuperCast vinyl media used for vehicle wrap, and printed at 1200 x 1200 resolution to provide you with the highest quality!!

Send us a message if you would like to customize it further, we can accommodate all custom request...almost all. Cost and processing times maybe be affected, due to design time and the digital proof approval by the customer, prior to finalizing your order.